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About W3

W3 Energy is the independent Asset Manager specialized in cold climate windfarms in the Nordic region. Combining cutting-edge expertise within both operational and commercial management,
W3 Energy offers the comprehensive solution with local presence.

Managing Europe´s largest wind farm

W3 has the experience from managing Markbygden Ett, Europe´s largest wind power facility, where we deliver the whole palette of services in our “one-stop shop” concept.

We have been involved in this project from the beginning and have continuously grown with the gathered experience and knowledge.

Today our engineers, technicians and business specialists manage wind farms with a total capacity of more than 1100 megawatts in Sweden.

We are the independent partner

Active Asset Management is our core business and therefore we focus on optimization in every part of the process. We have only one loyalty – the project owner – and we act fast to satisfy our customers.

We have no other obligations to consider than our customer engagement, which makes us the independent partner.

Specialized in cold climate

We were the first asset manager to handle de-icing systems and we combine our cutting-edge expertise with a comprehensive experience in both operational and commercial management.

W3 is specialized in operating cold climate wind farms in the Nordic region and we know that every kWh counts.

Local presence – wherever we are

Today W3 has offices in three cities in north Sweden:
Piteå, Skellefteå and Umeå. We have long relationships with the public, authorities and local stakeholders in the area.

All our wind farms are reachable to us within two hours.
We can even see the turbines spinning in Markbygden from our office in Piteå.

For establishments in new areas our ambition is to always have necessary local presence.

A Comprehensive solution with cutting-edge expertise

Our offer is operational and commercial perfection, empowered by an independent partner in a one-stop shop for easy, safe and profitable investment. We deliver operational and financial handling services to owners and investors aiming to maximize profit and minimize losses.

Our Active Asset Management solution is the most comprehensive on the market. As an example, we are proactively looking after the investor’s assets, foreseeing price and market development, monitoring laws and regulation changes and supporting future board decisions.

We combine our cutting-edge expertise with a comprehensive experience in both operational and commercial management, to optimize every part of the process. We are part of the construction as well as the operational phase.

We are known as the reliable game-changer in active asset management, that both technically and financially empowers the green conversion.