W3 Energy and Lapplands Elnät are planning on initiating collaboration, combining parts of each company’s main business to offer a concept for electricity services to wind farms.
“We know that our customers demand full coordination of wind farms. Through collaboration where we coordinate and Lapplands Elnät provides the electricity services, we can meet this need as well, and offer an industry-unique whole,” says Pär Dunder, CEO of W3 Energy.

W3 Energy operates, administers and optimizes wind farms in Sweden, and is currently responsible for coordination of approximately 10% of Swedish wind power production. Lapplands Elnät AB is part of the ONE Nordic Group and is a leading supplier of electricity services within wind power in northern Sweden. Together, the two Norrland companies have now signed a letter of intent to initiate long-term commercial collaboration on electricity services for wind farms, including troubleshooting, fault repair and preventive maintenance of switchgear and cables.

Industry-unique service
For W3 Energy, the new concept will be the final piece of the puzzle, complementing the company’s existing services and creating a complete solution in the coordination of wind farms that is unique in the industry. Pär Dunder explains:
“For us, it feels good that our customers only need to have one contact to turn to, and electricity services are naturally such an important part of a wind farm’s needs. We now also have that expertise in-house and have a package that we are alone with in the market. In Lapplands Elnät, we have the reliable and skilled partner needed to make electricity services a new cornerstone of our active asset management services for wind farms.”

“Focus on what we do best”
Tomas Ölvebring, CEO of Lapplands Elnät AB, is also looking forward to what collaboration and the new concept in electricity services for wind farms can bring in the future:
“We have worked with W3 Energy on several successful projects over the years and see that by focusing on what we do best, we can become even stronger together. Through this collaboration, we become unique in the market, with a complete range of services in both AAM (Active Asset Management) and electricity services. The agreement is a significant step in our business strategy of expanding our geographical area of operations in wind power.”

Contact information:
Pär Dunder, CEO W3 Energy
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TomasÖlvebring, CEO Lapplands Elnät AB
+46 70 322 19 71

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