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The Svevind Solutions management team buys the company and changes the name to W3 Energy. The now Swedish-owned and independent company will focus on the operation, service and optimisation of wind farms in the Nordic region. “The high level of expertise amongst our employees is well recognised. With W3 Energy, we look forward to helping both existing and new customers to manage their investments in wind power”, says the new majority shareholder Per Olofsson.

Based in northern Sweden, Svevind Solutions is a leading management service provider for wind farms in the Nordic countries. In 2019, it was appointed a so-called gazelle company in the Västerbotten region by daily business broadsheet Dagens Industri as a result of their fast growth. 

The operations at Markbygden Ett (MB Ett AB) is currently its biggest undertaking. The wind farm outside Piteå consists of 179 turbines. Fully developed, including all three phases, Markbygden 1101 will comprise as many as 1,101 turbines and thus become Europe’s largest land-based wind farm. 

Svevind Solutions changes its name to W3 Energy and becomes 100% Swedish. The company was previously owned by Svevind AB (70%) and Per Olofsson and René Pforte (15% each). The purchaser is a newly formed company with majority shareholder Per Olofsson and minority shareholder Pär Dunder. 

Local Competence
According to Olofsson, there are several factors behind the decision to become the majority shareholder of W3 Energy.
“The employees have a unique cutting-edge expertise in a field with a growing demand. A lot of wind power is being built in Sweden, where today’s production in operation of 19 TWh will be extended with another 24 TWh in the next five years. W3 Energy wants to be a key player in this development. We have precisely the experience and local presence that both Swedish and international wind farm owners demand.” 

Mikael Kyrk, COO of Svevind AB, is also positive. “We are extremely proud to have served as a business incubator and have now agreed on a management buy-out. Svevind’s growth on the international markets continues and we will strengthen our corporate organisation for new markets. In the future, we intend to work closely with W3 Energy”, Kyrk explains. 

Pär Dunder New Managing Director
The new business structure also means a change in the leadership constellation, in which the new owners change places. Per Olofsson becomes new chairman of the board and Pär Dunder takes over as CEO. “Pär has the required skills to lead the company towards the future in wind power management. He has a keen ear and combines good communication skills with confident leadership. Additionally, he has experience from other technology-intensive industries, which together with his time as chairman of the board make him perfect for the job”, says Olofsson. 

World-class Expertise
Dunder looks positively at the opportunities, both as owner and in his new role as CEO. He believes that W3 Energy has an extremely high potential, where the employees are the most important asset. 

“Our employees are the heart and soul of our company, and their expertise level is world class. As management, it is up to us to provide the best possible prerequisites for continued development for both employees and business. In the role of chairman, Per Olofsson will have a key role in this development. Put simply, we’re doing it together.” 

For Dunder, accessibility and joy are two key words when he takes over as CEO of W3 Energy. “We definitely have an excellent starting point, and through presence and accessibility we can quickly make well-founded decisions that will take us forward. At the same time, it is very much about creating a joyful working environment. To me, that is crucial if we are to offer the speed and flexibility that make us first choice for wind farm owners. It is also an important parameter so that we can continue to attract new cutting-edge expertise,” Dunder concludes. 

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Pär Dunder, CEO W3 Energy
Per Olofsson, Chairman of the board W3 Energy