W3 Energy signs highly prestigious contract with Markbygden NET


W3 Energy new business area Electrical Operations Services, EOS, is off to a great start. Even before a wider market launch, W3 Energy has penned a three-year contract with Markbygden NET AB regarding operation and maintenance connected to the electrical infrastructure at Europe’s largest onshore wind farm.

“We have extensive experience in asset management of wind farms and paired with our Electrical Operations Services, we offer a comprehensive solution based on simplicity, coordination benefits and local presence,” says W3 Energy CEO Pär Dunder. “The expansion of wind power will double in 2021 compared to 2020 and we look to maintain our market position of managing at least 10 percent of all wind power energy produced in Sweden.”


W3 Energy, based in northern Sweden, is a leading provider of asset management of wind farms in the Nordic region. The company’s largest commitment to date is the management of Markbygden ETT, Europe’s largest onshore wind farm with a total effect of 650 MW.


Successful start for new business area


W3 Energy has since long had a comprehensive service offer for wind farm production, including operation, coordination of maintenance and service, IT systems and financial management. The portfolio is now expanding to also include Electrical Operations Services for the transmission infrastructure from wind farms to the Swedish power grid. This includes service, troubleshooting and preventive maintenance of transformer stations and overhead power lines. In connection with the launch, W3 Energy signed an agreement for electric operation services with Markbygden NET, who owns the electrical infrastructure connected to phase 1 and 3 at Markbygden. The operational services in the field are performed together with the partner Lapplands Elnät.

“This is a highly prestigious assignment for W3 Energy. With an overview perspective, we will function as the single point of contact that coordinates the work of the different participators,” says W3 Energy’s Chief Operating Officer André Sjöström.
”The coordination benefits make it easy and cost-effective for our customers and with our strong local presence, we have a strong good subcontractor network which allows us to act quickly when needed.”


Development through dynamic dialogue

Markbygden NET are positive about having signed an agreement with W3 Energy and look forward to developing the collaboration.

“With their experience from Markbygden ETT, W3 Energy has an overview perspective that makes them a strong and reliable partner for us,” says Tobias Hannu, Chief Technical Officer at Markbygden NET.

“Through a dynamic dialogue, we want to continue developing a maintenance plan that preferably makes preventive maintenance not even being noticed in production. To achieve this target, planning and coordination is essential, since production is both seasonal and dependent on weather conditions. Most of the production takes place during winter, which makes W3 Energy’s good knowledge of cold climates is extra valuable. We have high hopes that W3 Energy with their experience and expertise will live up to our expectations.”


Offensive expansion for W3 Energy

For W3 Energy, the launch of Electrical Operations Services and the contract with Markbygden NET are crucial factors in their current expansion phase.

“We grew by 25 percent in 2020 and have an offensive goal to grow just as much in 2021,” explains CEO Pär Dunder. “With that in mind, it is obviously important that we can sign such a prestigious contract with Markbygden NET. It is also a proof of quality for our new business area and strengthens the momentum of our expansion. Both in terms of future business opportunities and our continuous recruitment of new employees with cutting-edge skills.”


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