W3 Energy is currently responsible for the proactive management of approximately 10% of Sweden’s total wind power capacity and is the only independent player on the market. The company is headquartered in Umeå, where the financial center is located, and the operational and technical center is located in the office in Piteå.

W3 Energy

–  Our investment in Skellefteå is logical for several reasons, says Pär Dunder, co-owner and CEO of W3 Energy.
– The Skellefteå region is under rapid development, especially in the wind power business, and the Skellefteå establishment is also necessary to contribute to the green transition in the region as large investments are made in the energy-intensive industry here, which also requires more green energy.


The office in Skellefteå will represent W3 Energy’s full range of services in proactive wind power management. Initially, management resources, sales and the marketing department will be represented in Skellefteå, but the company is experiencing strong growth and we predict recruitment in all locations. Today, W3 Energy manages significant parts of the Markbygden wind farm outside Piteå, Europe’s largest land-based wind farm.

- Wind power is today the simplest and most cost-effective way to create more green energy. In the region, W3 Energy already manages significantly more wind power than the local energy companies combined.
It guarantees great collaboration opportunities and to create efficient and profitable development throughout our industry.
This is one of many offensive measures and to now establish ourselves in Skellefteå feels fantastic! Says Per Olofsson, main owner and chairman of the board of W3 Energy.

W3 Energy’s office is located at Kanalgatan 59 in Skellefteå.

Pär Dunder, VD
070-375 00 43

W3 Energy currently manages 10% of the Swedish wind power market, including Europe’s largest onshore wind farm, which consists of 179 turbines. In our portfolio we have 1600MW, of which 850MW is in operation.

W3 Energy

Pär Dunder
Chief Executive Officer

P: +46 (0) 911-22 11 70
E: info@w3e.se