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Health, safety and environment (hse)
  • HSE is our number one priority. We provide HSE-plan, ensure its fulfilment, perform audits and much more.
  • 24/7 real time monitoring, supervision and initiation of action. We assign your wind farm with a personal contact for all matters concerning operation.
  • We assess and inspect your wind farm and infrastructure regularly to ensure safety and that maintenance can be proactively performed.
  • Pre-operation phase
  • Service providers
  • Inspections
  • Stakeholder meetings
  • Infrastructure
  • Metering services
  • Electrical services
  • IT and Communication
IT & Fiber Optics
  • We manage all needed IT infrastructure within the wind farm:  from design of network to hardware setup, always with a strong mindset on security. We also ensure that the equipment is well maintained.
  • W3 Energy takes responsibility for electrical operations in accordance with ESA-standards. We can act as your contact to the electrical grid operator
  • Adequate reporting for your wind farm: regulatory, contractual and proactive owners’ reports.
  • Tailor made monthly reports based on quality assured data from the wind farm.
  • We always strive to achieve the right conditions to maximize the availability of your wind turbines. This is based on a combination of analysis and data processing.

Today we manage wind farms of all sizes. Contact our Chief Executive officer,
Pär dunder, for more information.